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Nov 14, 2023News

Getting a glimpse of BeOpen at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Excitement has been in the air when we prepared for our presentation of BeOpen at the FIWARE booth at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 (SCEWC23) in Barcelona at the beginning of November.

BeOpen is not about theory but showcasing real-world applications of high value data sets (HVD). In Barcelona we offered a sneak peek into what it means to use HDV in different use cases all around Europe.

The event has been a great opportunity to connect with our audience, explaining how cities & communities are collecting data (street information, meteorological and geographical data, information about air quality, etc..) and how this data becomes valuable if processed in the right way. It becomes even more valuable if it can be shared and used as a decision-making support tool for policy makers.

To get to this level, we first need to agree on common standards and technologies. This is where BeOpen enters into play providing a framework of tools which helps public administrations transform the data they collect into high value datasets, reliable and open. As a result, data can be used by SMEs and startups to develop artificial intelligence services that benefit citizens and society. As we navigate a more and more data-driven landscape, it is evident that HVD are one key element to unlocking a world of possibilities using public data. Together with pilot cities, the project therefore develops a framework of tools, impact stories and guidelines that will boost replication by others.

We also recorded a short interview at the Ubiwhere booth (a BeOpen partner), which will soon be available on the our website and social media.

BeOpen presentation at FIWARE booth at Smart City Expo

Lydia Montandon’s presentation at the FIWARE stage at SCEWC23

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