An insightful 3rd general assembly

Mar 22, 2024News

A successful 3rd general assembly meeting in Cartagena in March 2024.


From March 12th to 14th the BeOpen Consortium held its 3rd general assembly meeting after coming together in Naples and Porto last year. The event was hosted by the municipality of Cartagena, which is also participating as one of the project pilots (learn more about Cartagena’s pilot in this article).

A main focus of last week’s meeting has been the technical and methodological implementation of the project’s objective to ensure de development of a holistic framework, which is not only user-friendly but also help improve the interoperability and quality of high-value public sector datasets.

Accomplishing these objectives should assist the facilitation of a new generation of artificial intelligence services and capabilities across the EU, making replication and adaption of the projects’ results easy for other municipalities and regions across the European union.


3rd General Assembly

Group Picture of the 3rd General Assembly in Cartagena

Find a Spanish summary on the municipality’s website!

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